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Building a Laminated Straight Shaft Wood Canoe Paddle

The concepts are all the same - using epoxy to join shaft pieces together and blade pieces to the center shaft piece. A handle goes on the top end and some four ounce fiberglass is used to cover and strengthen the blade.

Differences include:

When you purchase a kit, the receipt will be from Quietwater Media. Jeff Bach is the link between the companies. Quietwater Films is another part of this picture. The paddlesports instructional DVDs created by Quietwater Films got the whole instructional idea up and going. This led to making a paddle and from there recognizing that issues like table saws, band saws, rip fences, and sourcing the lumber were obstacles preventing people from making their own paddles. Quietwater paddle kits hopefully solve those problems and help get more people working with their hands and paddling with one of their own paddles.