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January 19, 2021

The default kit contains everything you need to build two complete paddles. An instruction manual in pdf format is part of the kit, along with a large set of online videos that walk through various parts of the project. For first time builders, the first paddle is a "warmup", that gets your woodworking skills and enthusiasm awake. The second paddle benefits from everything you learned on the first paddle. Power tools are no required, of course if you have them you can use them as you see fit, but the kit is designed so that the paddles can be built with hand power only.
Three choices for online purchasing -
REMEMBER - all three options include enough wood for TWO complete paddles!
All three options also work perfectly well for a straight shaft paddle, too.
Finally, keep in mind that the form is reusable and should last as long as you want it to. You can cut your own pieces if you have the tools, or you can order additional pieces from quietwater when the urge to build more paddles arrives.

canoe paddle kit OPTION 1

This kit includes all the parts and pieces you'll need to make TWO COMPLETE bent shaft canoe paddles. Same kit also works for straight shaft paddles. Plenty of custom options are also available, just call or email.

canoe paddle kit - OPTION 2

This kit includes everything in OPTION 1 + TOOLS - a spokeshave, a scraper set, and Two Surforms.

canoe paddle kit - OPTION 3

This is the fun option, also it's old school because (gasp) we talk on the phone or by email about supersecret things like other woods you can use to build the shaft, blade and handle, or changing the angle of the bend in the shaft, or the blade profile. Or even building a straight shaft paddle.

Redwood is a popular option. Reclaimed barn board is also popular. Weight and strength for all the wood options are close to cedar, which remains the gold standard for paddle building. Four ounce, plain weave fiberglass cloth is the main strength giver, as well as the waterproof surface, regardless of which wood you choose.

canoe paddle kit OPTION 4

Option 4 assumes you already have the form, and just want the wood pieces and other materials for buildng additional paddles. This is for building two more paddles, but if you want more, that is just a phone call (or text) or an email away.