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July 17, 2023Four choices for online purchasing -
REMEMBER - both options include enough wood for TWO complete paddles

1- the standard kit

2 - the standard kit PLUS tools TOOLS include a spokeshave, a scraper set, and two Surforms

3 - option three is standard kit + tools + ALL the jigs

4 - option four is JUST a refill of all the WOOD parts plus fiberglass cloth plus epoxy

Paddle Parts and Custom Paddles

The default kit contains everything you need to build two complete paddles. An instruction manual is part of the kit. The first paddle is a "warmup", that hopefully gets your woodworking skills and enthusiasm awake. The second paddle benefits from everything you learned on the first paddle. No power tools are needed to build these paddles, unless you have them and really want to use them.

We don't stop there, though. quietwater is also a paddle builder. We turn out custom paddles on occasion. There is also a whole world of one-off custom parts, including other wood species, custom handles, and knotty wood blade pieces for starters.