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Pictures. At first I worried about the camera getting wet or full of sawdust. I got over that. Now I just take pictures. Carefully. So far so good.

White pine shaft and blade

White pine makes for a great paddle
It doesn't always have to be cedar. Laminating pieces together greatly increases the strength of any wood. White pine is easy to work and looks great, especially with walnut edge strips. At least I think it does.

Chocolate and Wine Anyone?

Purpleheart and walnut paddle
Just getting started here. First step will be tapering the tops of the purpleheart pieces to match the lines of the walnut pieces. Then some epoxy comes out. Then some scraping and maybe a spokeshave.

Simple Pine with some Character in the Blades

Purpleheart and walnut paddle
I like pine. It's simple, nice wood. I like the texture and character that knots add to a blade. So here is a pine and cedar paddle with knotty pine blades. There's a bit of purpleheart in there too.