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quietwater paddle building kit prices

Remember that a quietwater paddles kit contains enough materials for two paddles. Not one. Two paddles.
Instruction manual is included.
Note: Prices subject to change as material costs change.
USD$179.00 for a standard canoe paddle kit, now available from our online store. Good for building TWO paddles. Shipping is US$25 for continental US destinations. Give quietwater a call at 608-432-0198 to arrange shipping outside the lower 48.

What do you need to supply? Tools. Hand tools, there's no need for anything electric to make a quietwater paddle. If you do not have a spokeshave, scraper, or a plane, quietwater can supply them as well. Useful tools for paddlemaking include a block plane, a spokeshave, scrapers, and sandpaper. I'm a big fan of 3M Sandblaster paper. I'm convinced that after using both this brand and other brands that Sandblaster somehow, is vastly more effective and longer lasting than other brands.

There are custom options available. If you want a different look to your paddle, we have redwood and walnut strips. We also make two and three piece blades and multi-piece handles.