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quietwater bent shaft paddle kits

Our kits are made up of four parts - the wood, the liquids (fiberglass cloth is included), the form, and the tools. Each kit is a custom package based on what you want to have for your paddle building project. Some DIY'ers already have the tools and just need the form, wood, and liquids. Others have nothing or are buying it as a gift. So there is a good bit of flexibility involved. Usually a few phone calls or emails go back and forth just to make sure the kit contains what Santa, the gift buyer, or the DIY paddle builder wants. Here are the kit prices. The prices change for each order depending on what each individual order contains.

You Supply:
If you buy the form as part of the kit you are pretty much set.
If you opt not to buy the form then you need to supply weights of some sort and or clamps, OR
something else that will work to weigh down the wood strips while the epoxy dries.

Kit options and costs