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Resources for quietwater paddle kits

February 10, 2019
In the time since the last entry, the biggest resource that I would add for builders is Instagram. This site is a great venue for woodworkers to show off their creations, their products and their stuff. My favorite is the amazing work that Greg Klassen (his site, but check out IG first) does with live edge rough lumber and slabs. Amazing stuff. Get on IG and do some exploring. They make it easy. Just type in hashtags like ‘woodworking’ and enjoy....

February 5, 2014
First thing that comes to mind are a couple of online sources for woodworking tools.

Boat building companies are as close as you can get to paddle-related companies. While I hope you will consider buying paddle-sized quantities of wood, fiberglass and epoxy from quietwater, if you opt to go elsewhere you might check out CLC Boats, a wonderful company that specializes in full size paper plans for numerous paddle and oar-powered boats. Full sized plans make layout ALOT easier than doing it from scratch. They also sell all the materials you need for boatbuilding. Jamestown Distributors is another boat-centric company that has the fiberglass and epoxy that I like and use in paddle making as well as in the occasional standup paddleboard.