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handles for your canoe paddle

Each kit comes with two handles.

new version of handles

Kits have always included simple chunks of cedar for handles. They still will, but what has changed is the addition of an option for a laminated curved handle. This option will include a small form for shaping the wood strips while the glue dries and the strips conform to the curve. Builders that want to do this will need a vise on their workbench to squeeze the form together and hold it while the glue dries. This option will take more time, but it can be donew concurrently with other steps in the build. For now, check out the latest blog entry for a pic of this new shape. Much more to come!

Redhand canoe paddle handles

An upgrade from the standard handle, this handle features a solid chunk of cedar with a piece of salvaged redwood on top of the grip. This redwood is a bit of history, right under your hand.


Big chunks of cedar with a splash of basswood or walnut in the middle. Subtle.


Lots of wood strips epoxied together and cut at angles. Show all sorts of weird edges and lines.