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July 25, 2016
Just unearthed a pile of redwood from the back of an old building at a lumber yard. Owner remembers unloading it when he was a kid circa 1951. He's ~75 now. The wood is old growth. Hopefully crafting a paddle from it is a fitting next use in its life cycle. Wish I could have seen the trees! Call if interested.

paddles and paddle kits from quietwater paddles

quietwater build to order paddles and offers kits containing the wood and tools needed to make two bent shaft laminated wood canoe paddles.

The default kit, now available in our online store, is a great starting point for the first time paddle maker. In addition to the vertical grain, clear, western red cedar you'll find in the kit, quietwater also has a wide range of choices when it comes to wood types for the shaft and blade of your next paddle. Walnut and redwood are available if you want to upgrade a bit and add a different look to your paddle(s). Handles are also available in a wide range of wood species, styles and combinations. .

I needed an instruction manual as part of the kit. So I wrote that manual and printed it out on 8.5x11 paper with a spiral binder so it lays flat on a workbench. Good stuff. Old school. I like reading books on paper. Shortly afterwards though it occurred to me that maybe the manual could be an introduction people might like to read before they jump in to the world of wood and hand tools and paddles, especially if they have an iPad and are comfortable reading on a tablet. This is an epub file that you can download straight to your ipad and open with ibooks. Lots of pictures that respond to that double tap too!
3/15/16 - A second edition of this book is in the works. Finishing and tip guards are amongst the new topics added in this second edition. If you buy the first edition after 3/15, I will send you the epub 2nd edition file free when it is released.

Custom paddles

We are big fans of doing things yourself. It's a great feeling to get out on the water and use a paddle you made yourself. At the same time, we also recognize that sometimes gifts are the idea and not projects. So if a completed paddle is what you want, then a completed paddle is what we can do. This is a custom step and takes a few rounds of email and phone calls. But the end result is a long package with a completed paddle in it instead of the raw pieces.

We also offer custom pieces for paddle making. Different wood types for both shaft and blade, wider blade widths, and coloring the wood pieces are some of the custom options we offer.