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laminated bent shaft wood canoe paddle kits

Kits from quietwater paddles contain the wood, epoxy, and fiberglass for you to make two complete paddles. If you want a bent shaft, laminated wood canoe paddle - that is what you can make with one of our kits.
P.S.If you want to make a straight shaft canoe paddle from the same kit...that'll work too....

paddlemaking kits from quietwater paddles

quietwater paddles makes kits containing the wood and tools needed to make two bent shaft laminated wood paddles for either a canoe or a standup paddleboard.

Sometimes the default kit does not contain what you want or it contains too much. We're flexible and are happy to modify each kit so that you are buying only the materials and tools that you need.

Custom paddles

We are big fans of doing things yourself. It's a great feeling to get out on the water and use a paddle you have made yourself. At the same time, we also recognize that sometimes gifts are the idea and not projects. So if a completed paddle is what you want, then a completed paddle is what we can do. This is a custom step and takes a few rounds of email and phone calls. But the end result is a long package with a completed paddle in it instead of the raw pieces.

We also offer custom pieces for paddle making. Different wood types for both shaft and blade, wider blade widths, and coloring the wood pieces are some of the custom options we offer.